Website developement

We develop websites for companies, community groups, projects, events, and other initiatives. These websites are custom-made for each client and can be as simple or as advanced as is required. We offer three standard packages and for other requirements we can provide a custom quotation. Development time can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months or longer depending on complexity and other requirements.

Top speed website developement

For clients who urgently require an online web presence we offer a special service. Clients can pick one of ten different designs and after providing us with the content, the website will be fully operational within 3 working days. Note: this service is subject to availability.

Systems developement

Does your organisation use a lot of (online) spreadsheets, shared documents, back-and-forth through e-mail, or other repeated processes that are not as efficient as they should be? We are here to help. We develop systems that can help centralise, automate, or streamline your internal or external processes. Solutions are built to suit your needs and can vary widely from internal communication systems, registration and data entry procedures, to mapping, monitoring or report generation.

Project and event management tools

Are you planning an upcoming event or are you managing a project? We are experienced builders of websites and tools to manage participant registration, activities, progress, calendars, etc. By using a custom-built website you can spend less time administering the website and more time administering your project or event.

Official partner of The Backoffice.

We are an official partner of The Backoffice. This is a cloud solution for companies that are looking to have one integrated solution to manage projects, tasks, contacts, files, e-mail, and more. The Backoffice can be installed within a week and provides a way to centralize information and streamline the way you work as a team.

For more information and for a trial demo, please contact us.

Note on frameworks

We provide a range of professionally designed templates for you to choose from and we customise and optimise these to your needs with very strong professional back-end programming that you can rely on.

Please note that we do not work with frameworks (like Wordpress or Drupal) and instead build custom solutions to suit your needs.

Top speed website package

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