Since 2010, we have been teaching web development. This is not a commercial activity. Instead, it is a way to share our knowledge with people around us. These courses are taught to a variety of people: from young students just out of high school to people who have been working for many years in a variety of industries looking to reach their full potential in the web-development industry. These courses teach web development from scratch, starting with HTML and ending with database management.

The duration and specific roll-out will vary a bit depending on the level and availability of the students. There is generally one class session per week, with a high homework load (20+ hours). Our focus is to teach web development skills to people who can not afford this kind of course through other means. Courses are provided free of charge but each participant must go through a selection procedure.

We have provided 7 courses over the past 12 years, each course lasting generally 8-12 months. Groups have ranged from 7-24 participants, with about 25-35% of the participants graduating from this demanding course. Our goal is not to graduate the maximum number of people but instead to make sure that those that do graduate, really understand web development.

Our most recent course was completed in 2018 in Cape Town and resulted in successful career shifts into web development for successful participants. We are looking into a new course late 2019 in Cape Town. If you are interested, please contact us