About us

Our story started in a small village in The Netherlands in 2000, where the company was started with a lot of passion and little else, but soon the local sport club, restaurant, and bird club all had a website and it was time to expand and take on a bigger challenge. In 2007 we established a new headquarters in Nicaragua and we developed an expanded client base, with a strong focus on the emerging tourism industry. After having trained a number of cohorts of programmers we set up a solid core team made up of the best graduates. Building on from that success, in 2016 we expanded and opened a new branch in South Africa.

A solid sustainable business is one thing, but having managed to train many cohorts of people in programming every year, we are very proud of the up-skilling we have managed to share as we have grown and spread. Professional growth opportunities for those with few, and social responsibility remain the heart and the centre of our organisation.

The number and variety of different clients have dealt with over the 19 years of existence means we can offer you a number of different teams catering to your needs, and the depth of experience to ensure the core infrastructure of the website is based on sound professional-grade programming. Experience has proven time and again that investing in professional programing from start to finish ensures you do not encounter disaster later.

Our specialties include the development of custom-made back-end systems for organisations, public-facing websites for small to medium companies, and our “Top Speed” website solutions that can be online in 2-5 days.

We function as a cooperative: every member in our team is a stakeholder in our organisation ensuring that the team are all full beneficiaries of their hard work and part of important decision-making processes.


  • Our core principles are:
    • Customer satisfaction
      We assist our customers with their website and system development needs with professional-grade programming that you can rely on. We are loyal to our clients and ensure a smooth operating website with responsive customer service. After providing services for many years, we have learned that this means that we always have to ensure that we are a good match for the customer. Contact us and see what we can do for you.
    • Allow for professional growth
      We seek to continuously grow the skills of all our team members. We provide options for training and development, and we actively support anyone seeking new roles or responsibilities within or outside of the organisation.
    • Social responsibility
      Our aim is to be responsible in the community and environment that we operate in. We share our skills (read more about our web development course), and we provide reduced rates and pro-bono work for social and environmental causes.

Our Team


Kopano Damane



Yoleka Galada



Paul Hoekman



Christian Nyembo


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